Delta Star Transformers:
Lynchburg, VA, San Carlos, CA, Canada ~

  • Medium Power Transformers up to 150 MVA & 230kV
  • Mobile Substations & Portable Substation Equipment
  • Skid-Mount Substations

Delta Star Field Services

  • Service to ANY brand, size, and type of transformer.
  • Mobile Substation Repair & Reconditioning
  • Transformer Field Service
    • Bushing replacements
    • Relocations
    • Repairs & Preventative Maintenance

OTC Services: Louisville, OH ~

  • Transformer Repair up to 100 MVA & 825kV BIL
  • Furnace and Rectifier Transformer Repair
  • Reconditioning Services – Transformers

Royal Smit Transformers:
Nijmegen, The Netherlands ~

  • Large Power Transformers up to 1000 MVA & 800kV
  • Autotransformers, GSU Transformers, Three Winding Transformers
  • Fixed & Variable Shunt Reactors
  • Phase Shifting Transformers

Koncar Instrument Transformers Inc:
Zagreb, Croatia ~

All transformer variants are also available with biodegradable liquid insulation

  • High quality Instrument Transformers since 1947
  • Current Transformers – Type AGU
  • Inductive Voltage Transformers – Type VPU
  • Capacitor Voltage Transformers – Type VCU
  • Combined Transformers – Type VAU
  • Station Service Voltage Transformers – Type VPT

MindCore Technologies: Montreal, Canada ~

  • HV + MV Substation disconnect switches from 15kV to 800kV (100A to 4000A)
  • HV + MV Substation disconnect switches from 38kV to 230kV (5000A)
  • Vertical break, double end break, center break, center vee break, hook-sticks & expulsion power fuses
  • Motor operator – mechanical control and operation of a disconnect switches.
  • Motor operator – Smart grid, intelligent control, 24/7 monitoring of disconnect

Mfr Locations – OH, TX, MO, & SC ~

  • Substation Control Panels, Building & Consoles
  • Control Racks, Custom fabricated enclosures
  • Maintenance, Installation, Upgrades, and startup of Control Panels & Buildings
  • Line, Distribution, Cap Bank Protection, RTU, Transformer Protection, Bus differentials, Annunciator, Feeder, Metering, Communication, & SCADA/RTU Panels

BAE Batteries USA/Hindle Power Chargers:
Somerset, WI ~

  • Full line of lead-acid batteries, both VLA & VRLA
  • DC Charging Systems by Hindle Power
  • Substation Battery Racks, Spill Containment & Outdoor Enclosures

Passive Cooling Chamber:
Golden, CO ~

  • Double or triple battery life in hot weather
  • Fully insulated interior design with R-20 insulation
  • Includes two racks that are tiered and draw out for easy maintenance
  • Comes standard with a hydrogen venting system
  • Standard PCC designed for 300 amp/hr battery systems and lower
  • Optional Battery Charger cabinet mounted to side of PCC enclosure


Cinisello Balsamo MI, Italy ~

  • Full Range of Reactive Power Compensation Solutions including SVC’s, Statcoms, and D-Statcoms 
  • The best shunt dynamic reactive power compensation for improving transmission grid-voltage regulation, power factor/harmonic compensation, and flicker mitigation.

Advanced Power Technologies:
Randolph, NJ

  • Transforming Temperature Monitoring
  • Bushing Monitoring
  • Hot Spot Temperature Monitoring
  • Fiber Optic Transformer Monitoring
  • GIC Monitoring and GIC Core Saturation Detection OLTC Monitoring


Finland (HQ) / Louisville, CO ~

  • Vaisala OPT100 – Online Monitor for power transformer multi-gas DGA monitoring – Maintenance-free with no consumable gases
  • MHT410 – Hydrogen, Moisture, and Temperature Monitor – Compatible with all insulation liquids, including silicon oil

Krin USA:

13211 Ohio 226, Big Prairie, OH

US based company

  • Oil Filtration Trailers – Designed for handling and cleaning transformer oil for electric utilities substation maintenance.
  • OPT100 Mobile (in partnership with Vaisala) – Designed for Mobile Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitoring, where and when it’s needed.
  • Vacuum Distillation Dry Out System – Designed for de-gassing and drying of substation transformers. Intended for long term use on ENERGIZED and non-energized equipment.

Amphenol ~ TPC Wire & Cable: Macedonia, OH ~

  • Extremely flexible Medium Voltage Cables (5kV to 35kV)
  • Custom cut lengths with no minimums required
  • Terminations by factory-certified installers to provide a plug and play solution
  • Storage and Deployment Solutions
  • Deep inventory for significantly reduced lead times

Kore Power:

Village Historic District, VT

US based company

  • BESS – Reliable Energy Storage Solutions for micro-grids to grid-scale utilities.
  • LFP Cells – Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Customized solutions tailored by project to ensure peak reliability, efficiency, and safety.
  • DC block products are scalable systems that can be configured for virtually any application.

Irving, TX ~

Based in the US. Established production facilities in India, Indonesia & USA (Q2, 2024)

  • Mono Facial – AR Coated tempered glass, anti-reflective module surface, MBB Half-cell technology
  • Bifacial Modules – PERC cells (passivated emitter & rear cells) & rear passivation layer absorbs low sunlight & scattered or reflected light.
  • TOPCon – Tunnel oxide passivated contact cells layered with TCO (transparent conductive oxide) & p-doped crystalline silicon layer improves light absorption and efficiency.