After having worked in the large power transformer industry for 30 + years, with two major manufacturers of power transformers, Gerald A. Suman founded Electrical Technologies in 1995. Through expansions and growth, Electrical Technologies has opened into two independent operating divisions: sales and field service.

The company started from the ground up, specializing in “Small, Medium & Large Power Transformers” for the Electrical Utility Industry, Large Industrials Customers, EPC Firms and now serves the needs for “All Industries” utilizing power transformers. The expansion has carried over to the Renewable Energy Sector, Independent Power Producers and others.

Mr. Preston Simon, who is now the President of Sales; Mr. Tony Suman, President of Field Services; Mr. John Suman, Vice President and Director of Safety and Mr. Gerry Suman all worked together to create a thriving business that has taken the company to expanded product lines, all of them being highly engineered products that relate to the generation, transmission and distribution of power in the electrical industries.

Preston’s experience for the past 20+ years has led the company’s expansion in sales in the western half of the U.S. for several multi-international and domestic manufacturers. He has distinguished himself as a leader and continued to expand both sales achievements records and territory expansions for multi-international transformer manufacturers. His background includes sales, sales management, design reviews, repair sales, field service coordination and project management. See the “Sales Territory” page for the most updated territory representation and our “Products Page” for our most current lines.

Tony Suman completed his MD degree in medicine but changed his career direction to climb the ranks of the field services group at Electrical Technologies to become the President of this department. Along the way, he participated in several key research and development programs such as establishing testing baselines for VRC & PAC transformers and on line dew point measurements of insulation systems, during field dry-out processing. Tony coordinates the training program for new employees, which meets and exceed industry standards, while achieving factory certified field service technicians.

John Suman graduated with a business degree from Clemson University and started as a field service technician at Electrical Technologies. He quickly assumed the role of corporate liaison with customers, to create a safety focused field service department. During this time, he has participated in, and established various safety programs that have ensured on-time project performance, while establishing a corporate standard for safety in the work place. He’s created an ongoing corporate safety program, resulting in 20+ years without lost time, or work-related accidents. In addition, he is responsible for maintaining a drug free work policy and environment that meets our customer’s most stringent and demanding working requirements.